Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Related Services

Related services, in the world of minerals and metallurgy are categorized into two more subcategories such as mineral and metals agents and mining and metallurgy projects. All industrial operations in metallurgy industries and production units are comprised of various manufacturing and production processes that include casting, forging, flow forming, rolling, extrusion, sintering, metalworking, machining, and fabrication. There are several types of minerals which are classified as industrial and non-industrial minerals because of their wide usages during manufacturing and industrial operations. A complete list of industrial minerals includes zeolites, wollastonite, vermiculite, talc, sulfur, staurolite, sodium sulfate, sodium bicarbonate, soda ash, slate, silica sand/tripoli, salt, quartz, pumice, potash, phosphate, perlite, olivine, mica, marble, limestone/dolomite, kyanite/sillimanite/andalusite, kaolin, kaolin, gypsum, graphite, granite, gem minerals, garnet, fuller's earth, fluorspar, feldspar and nepheline, dimension stone, diatomite, diamond, corundum, clays, carbonatites, brines, borates, bentonite, barite, ball clays, asphalt, natural, asbestos, and alunite and aggregates. Mineralogy, in the modern world, is further divided into subsections and categories that include physical mineralogy (including crystal structure, crystal habit, twinning, cleavage, luster, color, streak, hardness and specific gravity), chemical mineralogy, biomineralogy, optical mineralogy, crystal structure, formation environments, descriptive mineralogy (including native elements, sulfides, oxides and hydroxides, halides, carbonates, nitrates and borates, sulfates, chromates, molybdates and tungstates, phosphates, arsenates and vanadates, silicates and organic minerals), and determinative mineralogy.

Non-Metallic Minerals

Non-metallic minerals are usually comprised of non-metallic mineral deposit, non-metallic mineral products and other products. Out of all types of non-metallic minerals, non-metallic mineral deposit is further divided by metallurgists into its more forms and types such as barite, bentonite, dolomite, kaolin, mica, perlite, sepiolite, silica, talc, vermiculite, wollastonite including many other non-metallic mineral deposits also. Non-metallic mineral products also entail a wide range of more products and finished and non-finished items of non-metallic minerals e.g. asbestos products, carbon, ceramic fiber products, ceramics, fiberglass products, glass, graphite products, lime, magnetic materials, mineral wool, and quartz products as well as refractory. Metal machines, as compared with non-metallic minerals, entail bending machinery, boring machine, drilling machine, gear cutting machine, grinding machine, lathe, machine centre, milling machine, planer and slotting machine, punching machine, wire EDM machine including other machine tools. Welding and soldering supplies consist of electrode holders, weld holders, welding fluxes, welding helmets, welding rods, welding tips, welding torches, welding wires and other welding and soldering supplies while welding equipment comprises arc welders, butt welders, electric soldering irons, laser welders MIG welders, plasma welders, plastic welders, press welders, resistance welders, seam welders, spot welders, and tube welders and other welding equipment as well.

Metals & Metal Products

Metals and metal products are classified into more products and metals (including metals products) such as iron, metal products, metal scrap, nonferrous and rare metals, ore, raw metals, steel and other products as well. In all of these metals and metal products, iron includes iron pipes, iron wire, and many types of other iron products. Metal products are comprised of barbed wire, cast and forged, and wire mesh whereas metal scrap includes aluminum scrap, copper scrap, iron scrap, lead scrap, steel scrap, titanium scrap as well as other metal scrap. Nonferrous and rare metals consist of aluminum, copper, lead, nickel, titanium, tungsten, zinc and rare earth and products. Ore includes bauxite ore, chrome ore, copper ore, iron ore, lead ore, manganese ore, nickel ore, titanium ore, tungsten ore, zinc ore and other ore as well. Other products cover all other metals and metal products while raw metals entail billets, ingots, metal slabs, and pig iron. Steel is also classified into many sub products and items including bearing steel, spring steel, square steel pipes, stainless steel, steel coils, steel pipes, steel plates, steel profiles, steel rails, steel rebars, steel round bars, steel sheets, steel strips, steel structures, steel wire, structural steel, and tinplate other steel products. 

Machinery & Parts

In the field of minerals and metallurgy, all machinery and parts used in all industrial, manufacturing, molding, and processing operations etc. are divided into two major categories. This categorization of machinery and parts facilitates all engineering and industrial needs of manufacturers, producers, distributors and agents working in the field of minerals and metallurgy. All machinery, parts and components are usually divided into metal processing machinery and metal processing machinery parts. Metal processing machinery is further divided into more types of machinery and parts as required in the field of minerals and metallurgy. we can easily classify and categorize metal processing machinery into various sub machinery, parts and components such as machine tools accessory, metal casting machinery, metal coating machinery, metal electroplating machinery, metal engraving machinery, metal forging machinery, metal machines, metal straightening machinery, welding & soldering supplies, and welding equipment and other metal processing machinery as well. Metal processing machinery is further divided into more categories including machine tools accessory, metal casting machinery, metal coating machinery, metal electroplating machinery, metal engraving machinery, metal forging machinery, metal machines, metal straightening machinery, welding & soldering supplies, welding equipments and other metal processing machinery. Machine tools accessory includes boring tool, broach, chuck, CNC controller, cutting and forming tools, hand-wheel, hob, machine tool spindle, milling cutter, other cutting & forming tools, reamer, tool holder, and turning tool, and vise and other machine tools accessories.